What Do Dr Scholl’s Numbers Mean?

Chances are you’ve heard of Dr Scholl’s, the popular foot care brand that has been around for years. But what do their numbers mean? Scholl uses a six-point scale to rate the severity of foot injuries. This scale goes from 0 (no injury) to 5 (severe injury). Based on this, they create products and treatments that are specifically designed to help with each level of injury. Curious to know more? Then read on to learn more about how this scale is used and how it can benefit you!

What do Dr Scholl's numbers mean?


When you see Dr Scholl’s number on a product, it is a sign that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets rigorous safety standards. Dr Scholl’s number is a registered trademark of the company and is used to certify that a product has met specific safety and performance requirements.

Dr Scholl’s number is a system that evaluates the risk of foot ulcers and other foot problems in clinical studies. Products that have Dr Scholl’s number are subject to more stringent testing and evaluation than products that do not have Dr Scholl’s number. This includes studies that evaluate the product’s ability to prevent ulceration and its ability to reduce pain and inflammation.

 Know about Dr Scholl’s numbers:

1-No Injury

2 – Mild Injury

3 – Moderate Injury 

.5- Excessive Injury

6-A Deadly Injury 

7- Life-Threatening Injury

Dr Scholl’s arch supports are individually arch-shaped, according to your arch contour. You can measure each foot than select the best one for you. That way, all of Dr Scholl’s arch supports will fit correctly with minimal pressure points and maximum comfortability when they’re worn on your feet.

Dr Scholl’s orthotics are foot orthotics that help relieve and prevent lower body pains such as back pain, sciatica, knee pain and ankle & heel problems. Using custom-fit orthotics can improve the alignment of your feet, reducing pressure on injuries that may not heal well with traditional shoes or inserts.

The custom insole is a medical device used in the treatment of foot pain and known as arch support, cushioning, or shock absorption. Custom orthotic insoles are custom made for each individual person by using their own measurements taken from heel to toe with the assistance of an insole analyzer machine. It applies pressure evenly to all parts of your foot so you can get relief from back or leg pain due to plantar fasciitis without having any discomfort during an activity like walking, running etc.

A kiosk is a tool that helps the customer to choose their custom orthotic. In other words, it will recommend appropriate orthotics based on various aspects such as arch type and foot length.

Orthotic inserts are a type of shoe inserts that help to correct foot and ankle problems. Orthotic inserts can be used in the place of custom orthotics or any other kind of insert designed for correcting your feet or shoes


So, you’re probably wondering what Dr Scholl’s numbers mean? Well, the higher the score, the better the shoe is designed to provide a comfortable and stable fit. The numbers are assigned to shoes after a lab test is conducted that measures how well the shoes distribute pressure and adjust to the shape of the foot. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes or just want to make sure you’re getting a good fit from your current ones, knowing your Scholl’s rating is a great way to do so! Keep an eye out for future blog posts in which we’ll be discussing different aspects of foot health and how to get the most out of your shoes. Till then, happy shopping!

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