Turret Lathe Vs Engine Lathe | Which Should You Choose?

Turret Lathe Vs Engine Lathe

Originally posted on September 2, 2020 @ 8:10 pm

Lathe business is one of the most profitable businesses worldwide, which has a very competitive marketplace.

To start up a new lathe based business, one must have a clear idea about the technology that is being used, and there are different types of lathe machines available, but some of them are few steps ahead from others.

Turret lathe and engine lathe are notable mentions.

This article will provide you some of the most important and relevant information about these two types of machinery and also you will find a common factor, Turret Lathe Vs Engine Lathe, to start up a lathe business.

What is Turret Lathe?

Turret lathe is basically a Metalworking Lathe form used for iterative production of similar parts.

Evolved from old lathes with an edition of the turret in it; a variety of turret lathes are available, which are categorized in terms of size, controlling method, and bed orientation.

The first turret lathe in America was invented in 1845 and in Britain, it was a bit earlier in 1830.

What is Engine Lathe or What defines an Engine Lathe?

Also known as the Center Lathe. It is one of the most common general-purpose lathe machines used in metal cutting.

Engine Lathe has a headstock, a tailstock, a bed, and a tool holding device in it. There is an advantage of engine lathe and that is, it has a greater number of spindle speeds. Unlike early lathes, it has an automatic feed to the cutting tool built-in.

The subsequent improvement of the electric circuit has made it viable and adaptable.

Turret Lathe Vs Engine Lathe: How Are They Different?

You have already realized that there are some major differences between them. Let’s find out what is the difference between turret lathe and center lathe:

  • Turret lathes are meant to be production machines where engine lathes are made to do different types of jobs within limits.
  • The turret lathe machine’s price is relatively higher than the engine lathe’s.
  • No problem with less-skilled workers in turret lathe, but engine lathe machines require highly skilled workers to control it.
  • Turrets are ideal for mass production in terms of easy machine productions, but engine lathe accuracy of work depends on the operator.
  • Turret machines take time for exacting work which is one of the disadvantages of turret lathe, but engine lathes are proper for such works.
  • One must not change tools when a one-time setting is over in turrets, but it is easily changeable as per requirement in engines.

What is a Turret Lathe used for?

Turret Lathe is used in exterior and interior surfaces also in fast single-setup turning, boring, turning shafts, milling, reaming, duplicating parts in quantity, and many other critical operations.

Which Type of Lathe Machine is Mostly Used?

The mostly used lathe machine is – Engine lathe machine.

Engine lathes are used to make a product much more accurate. They are used to drill, saw, plane, and finish and repair large turbine generator parts.

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, in terms of starting a new business that has a competitive marketplace, an entrepreneur must have a clear idea about the technology behind it.

This brief is well enough for one to get exact information about what suits him the best to gain high profit and ensure quality service to the customers.


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