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Arrow is the most important piece of kit than any other thing in the archery or hunting. It plays an important role for both the archers and hunters as well. A right arrow can lead an archer to achieve his target, whereas it also helps a hunter to get success in hunting.

In this case, a best arrow saw plays a vital role in getting the right arrows regarding our needs. Whether, if you are a newbie or an expert in archery or hunting, this article will worth your time to get informed about arrow saws.

How to make your own arrows at home?

If you don’t know about it, it is time to get informed about it. Yes, we can easily make an arrow on our own.  An arrow saw is a perfect tool to make arrows from our home.  To get arrows, you don’t need to pay the store anymore. 

Without wasting your money in buying arrows, you can easily make your arrows by using the greatest arrow saw.An arrow saw is the right choice to stop relying on expensive arrows that we bought from stores. It’s a fantastic tool for saving money as well. It is more than the freedom that outdoorsman like to have themselves.

Best Arrow Saw Reviews

We often get into a problem to find the size of the arrow, which is well adjusted to our bow. So, some archers like to build the arrow on their own.  However, choosing a wrong arrow saw for cutting can also ruin our valuable arrows indeed.

If you want to keep yourself out of this hassle, then you are in the right place. We always appreciate using an arrow saw for building saw with a professional touch.

Here, we have chosen the 5 best types of arrow saws which are available in the market. We hope any of this arrow saw from our recommendations will do their job properly. So, if you prefer to make your own saw and also looking for the superior arrow saw, please go through our reviews at once.

1. Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM with Dust Collector 

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If you are looking for the best kind of arrow saw, then you will find an end of your search with this spectacular arrow saw. Weston Arrow Saw 800 RPM (52-0601W) is considered as one of the excellent arrow saws available in the market.  This powerful saw with 8000 RPM is able to cuts any arrow shafts.

It has solid, durable, and sturdy construction. It features measuring tape, and so it becomes effortless to cut shafts accurately. This quiet saw makes ignorable noise that no one gets disturbed with noise. Besides, it also comes with 2- arrow spin-tester, 2 -blades and 2- adapters for dust collector as well, which ensure perfection in your cutting operation. Its shard blade can cleanly cut through any arrow without producing noise. So it becomes easy to cut arrows properly with this saw.

Along with all these features, it also comes with a unique and rear feature.  It has a dust collector to make your cutting job net and clean. So, you can use this saw in your living room or anywhere you want.

 The arrow saw is easy to set up, but if you don’t read the instruction properly, you may find a little bit tricky to set the measuring tape. Besides, the rubber feet also prevents the accident as well.

This arrow saw is one of the best saws in the arrow saw industry. People who prefer to make their arrows by own always find this saw as a helpful one. Either you are a new or experienced one it will be best for you. So, if you are ok with spending money on the perfect arrow saw, this saw will definitely make your money worth.

Technical Features:

  • 8000 RPM
  • 2 -arrow Spin tester
  • 2- arrow saw blades
  • 2 -adapters for dust collector


  • Easy to set up
  • Includes dust collector
  • Prevent slipping by Rubber feet
  • Quiet and Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The measuring scale is tricky to set up

2. t-bird arrow saw

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This is one of the best compact arrow saw, which can easily move from one place to another. It is best suited for those who don’t have enough space in their workshop.

T-bird best arrow cutting saw is able to cut all sorts of the arrow shaft. Its compact modular design makes it easy to assemble without any difficulty. But it does not come with a measuring scale, so you need to buy an extra scale to measure. It features 2- spin testers and a movable tail.

The movable tail offers a de-burring tool. It takes a bit of space and time to assemble. Besides, you can also easily disassemble it when you don’t need to use it.

T-Bird arrow saw is a perfect arrow builder that can cuts both carbon and aluminum arrow shaft. It can cut arrows at any length. This portable best value pure arrow cutting saw is a fantastic option for the people who prefer portable tools for their job. So, give it a try.

Technical Features:

  • 8000 RPM
  • 110 V (USA) & 230V (Europe)


  • Easy to assemble and dis-assemble
  • Compact and Portable
  • Able to cut all length arrow shafts
  • Comes with the spin tester and de-burring tool
  • Modular design


  • Doesn’t comes with measuring scale

3. Weston 8000 RPM (52-0501-W)

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Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM is one of the pre-eminent arrow saws that contain essential features.  This eye-catchy arrow saw offers rubber feet to prevent the arrow shaft from slip away. It ensures accurate shaft cutting through its measuring scale as well.

This heavy-duty arrow saw with 8000 RPM arrow saw blade can cuts any type of arrow shaft easily. This powerful blade with cover provides smooth cutting and extra safety also. It includes 2- arrow spin testers and 2 -blades.

Weston 8000 RPM arrow saw offers adjustable depth setting for straight and roll cuts.  It provides an easily accessible on-off switch also. The motor operates on 120-volt/60 Hz/1 amp. This arrow cut off saw comes with fast and convenient set-up indeed.

Technical Features:

  • 120-volt/60 Hz/1 amp power consumption
  • 2 -arrow spin tester
  • 2 -blades


  • 800 RPM Blade
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • Includes measurement scale
  • Easy and quick blade changing
  • Includes one extra blade


  • It is not flat and tricky to set on a table

4. Weston Arrow Saw 5000 RPM

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Weston Arrow Saw 5000 RPM is the last one from Weston in our supreme arrow saw the list. As we know, Weston is one of the top brands in the market which produces different arrow saws. This 5000 RPM saw is another piece of the saw from this company.

This is a lightweight saw that cut all sorts of arrow shafts effortlessly. As it comes in one piece, so it is easy to assemble it. Though it is a cheap arrow saw, it performs better indeed.

So, if you are looking for the best archery arrow saw, then Weston 5000 RPM can be the best option for you.

Technical Features:

  • 5000 RPM sharp blade


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long-lasting
  • Can cut all arrow shaft


  • It may vibrate while cutting the shafts

5. apple pro arrow saw with dust collector

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This is the second arrow saw in our list that comes with a dust collector. Its dust collector keeps the dust away from the machine and workplace so that you can clean it up easily after use. This arrow saw is made with high-quality materials that can cut any arrows shafts. You can even cut both carbon and aluminum shaft with it.

Apple arrow saw is a lightweight, and quiet arrow saw. It comes with an 8000 RPM blade to cut the shaft out. The 8000 RPM higher-revving ball bearing motor offers cooler, cleaner and faster cutting as well. It features a lightweight aluminum bottom and power coated cutting area to prevent rust.

This is a preassembled saw. This arrow saw is specially designed for heavy-duty cutting. It features a sturdy arrow rest and rests stop to ensure balance before cutting session. You just need to keep the shaft out and cut them.

So, you don’t need to bother about assembling. So, if you are a passionate archer or hunter and looking into buying an arrow saw for your cutting needs, you can undoubtedly go with this saw which will suit you most.

Technical Features:

  • 8000 RPM blade speed


  • Lightweight
  • Includes dust collector
  • Easy to assemble
  • Power coated cutting area
  • Long-lasting and comes with 2- years warranty


  • Little bit pricey

Is it necessary to buy an arrow saw?

Yes, it is. It is a perfect tool to make a switch from big arrows. This arrow saw is a great invest in adding quality and durability to the arrows. On the other hand, a quality saw helps to adjust the length of the arrows.

So, you can personalize the type of arrows as well for ensuring a perfect fit in the crossbow. It also allows adding your own flair that you get confused with other arrows in the backwoods. A reliable arrow can cut arrow shafts properly and helps you to customize the length of your arrow as per your needs.

It not only allows you to customize your arrows but also save money as well, which encourages bow-hunters to buy an arrow saw.

Arrow Saw Buying Guide:

To identify the finest arrow saw, you should consider and look upon some vital things as well. Here we are listing down some essential factors to help you, which determine that either a saw will make the good cut or not.

Brand:  A brand is the first and foremost thing that you should consider during the selection of the arrow saw. A good brand always ensures the quality that you expect from. A brand which is backed up with their reputation always offers high performing and reliable best product to appeal to people indeed.

Quality:  Along with the brand, it is the quality that should come to our consideration while choosing an arrow saw.  Poor quality arrow saws often come at low prices, but, they never worth our money.

Sometimes you may get injured due to the use of poorly constructed and low standards saws. They are not able to do the job that you need to do. So, selecting a quality product is very important to end up the chance of injury in the long run.

Durability:  We also need to ensure the durability of an arrow saw as well. We need to ensure sustainability so that we can figure out how many years it will serve us indeed.

Measuring Tape: An arrow saw that comes with a measuring tape helps to take measurement of an arrow shaft.  So, it is wise to buy an arrow saw which comes with a measurement tape.

Revolution Per Minute (RPM): RPM is the most vital part of the saw. It is recommended to select an arrow saw that has a blade between 5000 to 10000 RPM.

Dust Collector: It is the most rear feature that helps to keep your cutting operation neat and clean. So it is highly suggested by the experts to choose an arrow saw that comes with this unique feature.

Noise Level: Sounds occurring during the cutting job is really irritating. So the arrow saw which is quite one is preferable by everyone. Try to make sure that your selected saw doesn’t make enough sounds during operations.

Before making any purchase on arrow saw make sure you consider all these things that we mentioned above. Also, remember about safety to avoid accidents as well.

Final Verdict

A properly cut arrow gives the best possible flight out of the bow. It ensures the best penetrations in hunting also. Besides, a longer arrow can’t receive enough energy from the bow, so it is effectively weak in-flight characteristics. Whereas an arrow which is too short, also cannot take safely shot indeed.

Thus, an arrow saw can be an excellent option for you to customize your arrow in that case when you don’t find an ideal size arrow in the market. If you are willing to invest money on an arrow saw to make your arrows own, then we recommend you to check Weston arrow saw 8000 RPM (52-0601-W), as it comes with both dust collector and measuring scale.

Here, we have listed the 5 best arrow cutting saw from different reputed brands. All of these five arrow saws belong to the list of top arrow saws as they are long-lasting and well-made indeed. So, you can undoubtedly choose any of these long-lasting arrow saws for both commercial and personal use.


Q.1: How to cut your own carbon arrows?

Answer:  To cut carbon arrows, you will need to use some equipment as following:

  • Carbon arrow
  • File
  • Pipe cutter or drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Arrow saw

Step by step guideline for cutting carbon arrows-

Step 1: Secure your carbon arrow with the clamps on your cut off saw

Step 2: Measures the length with masking tape and mark the area that you want to cut

Step 3: Taking the file and start shaving the marks slowly

Step 4: Continue filling as it takes the longest

Step 5: Use sandpaper to smooth rough edges

Q.2: How to cut aluminum arrows?

Answer: Step by step guideline for cutting aluminum arrows:

Step 1: wrap the arrow shaft with the rubber band tightly

Step 2: draw the bow back while putting the arrow on the bowstring

Step 3: adjust the rubber band and release the string carefully

Step 4: place the ruler and make a mark toward the endpoint

Step 5: Use a tubing cutter to shorten the shafts and place a wooden or bolt dowel inside of the arrow shaft

Step 6: fix the point insert and point onto the arrow

Q.3: How to cut arrows properly?

Answer- Cutting arrows by own save both of our money and time. You can properly as well as safely cut the shaft out by following 3- steps. These are-

Step 1: Determine the length of the arrow

Step 2: Set arrow on the cutting saw

Step 3: Cut the arrow

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